The Boat Mattress You Made For Us Is Incredible

The boat mattress you made for us is incredible. I mean it is absolutely awesome! We got exactly what you told us we would get and the wife and I could not be happier. Now, I am going to sell a whole bunch of these mattresses for you to my friends.
Dr. Edwin R.
New Orleans, LA

Custom Boat Mattress by Rocky Mountain Mattress

Custom Boat Mattress made by Rocky Mountain Mattress

We Will Definitely Shop with Rocky Mountain Mattress Again

RMM, I just had to let you know that I cannot believe that you were able to send our custom cut Sensus memory foam topper and custom-sized Bamboo cover so quickly.
I was literally in shock when I looked out the window this afternoon to see the Fedex truck in my driveway. We placed the order last Thursday and not even one week later you were able to deliver a custom sized product with a matching cover!
We will definitely shop with you again.

Malba C.
Montalba, TX

Sensus Mattress Topper

Sensus Mattress TopperSensus Topper

Sensus Topper

Sensus Topper

Custom Size Antique Mattress by Rocky Mountain Mattress

Mattress arrived and its a perfect fit !   :-)
Thanks a lot,


Custom Made Mattress for Antique Bed Frame

Custom Made Mattress for Antique Bed Frame

This is a testimonial, review & picture of a custom cut Rocky Mountain Mattress specifically cut for an Antique Bed Frame.

Custom Sized Rocky Mountain Mattress Cloudcroft 12 Inch Review

Cloudcroft 12 inch Mattress by Rocky Mountain Mattress Review

Rocky Mountain Mattress Cloudcroft Review

Hi Dave,

I recently purchase a bed from you. I was wanting to get a quote on the exact same bed but in standard queen size. Can you please send me a quote? LOVE the bed!

This is what we ordered a few months ago:  Custom Sized Cloudcroft 12″

by 74″ by 78″

Thanks so much!

Nicole C.

Rocky Mountain Mattress Sundance Memory Foam Mattress Review

We received our new Rocky Mountain Mattress ‘Sundance’ memory foam mattress yesterday and already we felt the differences in our bodies when we woke up this morning. My chiropractor had recommended a memory-foam mattress and now I understand why. The physical comfort is immediately noticeable! I’m looking forward to the next few weeks and months as our bodies slowly unkink from our old bed, and we luxuriate for in the awesome comfort of our new sundance bed. No more spring mattresses or cheap futons! We spend about a 1/3 of each day sleeping, so clearly an investment in a supportive bed will make a great positive impact on the long term health of our bodies. Thanks, Rocky Mountain, for being part of that investment & for providing excellent customer care. We will definitely be recommending you to our friends & family.

In appreciation,
Sundance Memory Foam Mattress - Rocky Mountain Mattress

Sundance Memory Foam Mattress - Rocky Mountain Mattress Customer Review

RV Custom Mattress and Comfort to Fit

Image via: The Creme

Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age in huge numbers and finding they want to invest in an RV and spend more time with other retirees. In fact, younger younger couples are also discovering the joy of traveling, and many of them are also are choosing to invest in a top quality recreational vehicle owned and manufactured by a well known company with over 40 years of experience. Whether choosing to explore the nation or even live in their Teton recreational vehicle. Of course, a comfortable place to sleep for up to six people is necessary, so choosing a special custom fit RV mattress to fit should be the first priority. Additionally, due to the unique shapes of the spaces where mattresses are to be placed is unique for the different styles of RVs available to choose from, a professional mattress company must receive the correct measurements in order for the mattress to fit precisely.

custom airstream rv mattress

owners of a custom airstream rv bed

Dear RMM,

I received my custom Airstream twin mattress today. I was amazed that FEDEX delivered the first mattress in less than 48 hours from shipping.

The mattress fits the curved end of the Airstream perfectly. The quality of the CoolMax mattress cover is excellent. The mattress is far more comfortable than the original Airstream-supplied innerspring. I think it is more comfortable than our queen at home which is a 4″ memory foam over a high-quality pillow top.

Thanks for working with me on this custom order!

John I.
Austin, TX

When ordering a custom mattress, most are built for comfort and portability will usually be made from memory foam for a firm fit. This is important because it serves to keep the mattress from sliding. Some of the newer style foam mattresses are constructed using soy, for those individuals who are prone to allergies. Additionally, because the mattress conforms to the human body and retains that imprint or shape for the duration of the night, one may wish to choose a medium firm mattress. Many reputable websites carry memory foam as do camping outlets and local recreational stores. Often, the prices can be quite steep at camping outlets, yet reasonably priced if ordered through a professional online company.

custom airstream mattress
custom rv airstream mattress
custom airstream mattress

Ordering a new custom mattress from a reputable company for your Teton RV is will ensure that comfort in your home away from home is their first priority along with a firm and secure fit. For example, when fitting your mattress to your Airstream, be sure to always measure from the inside base of the bed width times length. Next measure from the top to the bottom for the width of the bed to be sure the mattress doesn’t stick up out of its base. It’s also necessary to read the manual for your Airstream on any height restrictions and measure accordingly to be sure you are following their compliance rules. Not only are there custom mattresses, but mattress toppers, covers, pillows and even magnets for your convenience, comfort and security. Everything you need to begin your new life of traveling is awaiting.

order a custom made mattress

Natural Latex Mattress 3 inch Queen Size Review

Natural Latex Mattress 3 inch Queen Size Review

We ordered a Natural Latex Mattress, 3 inch queen size. My God how wonderful it is. I cannot believe it feels so great and comfortable. I sleep like a log now. It feels new every night I go to bed. I never have the dents in the mattress that is common with most mattresses. My replaced hips used to feel so painful on a regular mattress but now I am in heaven. Thank You,

Thank You.

Shay Williams.

Thank You For The Latex Topper



We tried it out and it is really wonderful. It fixed the problems we were having with a supposedly quality mattress, and we are very, very happy. It’s nice to know there’s an option for success in an industry that is very haphazard in its guidelines and marketing.

Merry Christmas.
Lynne Morrey

My Back Doesn’t Hurt When I Wake Up

To Whom It May Concern: RE:

Memory Foam Mattress

custom airstream rv mattress

In September 2009, I did an extensive search for a new queen size mattress for our motor home.  The two year old RV bed that came in the RV was killing my back and causing severe low back pain.  I hated to travel because of the bad sleep I would have.  Due to chronic lower back pain, I was prepared to invest in what was supposedly the top of the line memory foam mattress.  After trying them out in a local store, I got on line and found Rocky Mountain Mattress.  Andrew helped me put together a custom 9″ mattress that would be good for my back, yet fit in the limited 9″ height space available in the motor home.  The best part is that it was roughly 1/3 the price of Brand-T, or is that Brand-X?

Two weeks later the memory foam mattress arrived.  I used it on a business trip the next few nights and slept better than I do at home on our sleep number bed.  My wife and I have taken two more trips since the first one with the same results.  The only problem I now have is getting her out of bed in the mornings!  The mattress is so comfortable.  The good part is my back doesn’t hurt when I wake up in the morning.

This past week, I ordered 4 more mattresses from RMM:  1 custom to replace the sleep number bed, 1 other custom, and two standard beds.  I guess you could say we are convinced you have a fine product and at a reasonable price.

Thanks for the prompt handling of our orders.

Charlie Neuenschwander
Austin, TX